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Let the Freak Show Begin


From my first 12 hours on OKCupid

“Nude sad frogs 🙂 ”

Message from nerdroc

Wow. Can’t wait for more!


Drive By Blogging


Miles Ran this week – 15

Weeks to 1/2 marathon – 17

What I’m cooking – Baked Maple Oatmeal

What I’m reading – “Threats to Homeland Security”, “Understanding Terrorism Groups, Strategies, and Responses” – Yepp classes have started back up

Cute dog picture of the week

What I’m listening to – Jem “They”


Why I Run


“Our running shoes are really erasers. Every step erases some past failure. Every mile brings us closer to a clean slate. Each foot strike rubs away a word, a look, or an event…”

~ John Bingham

This sums it up for me. Even though I’m slow and I’m well aware I will never do anything better than finish that run or race every step helps. It helps for the unkind words that were said or I wanted to say. It helps the feeling of failure go away. Because as long as I finish that run it doesn’t matter where I am, what boy didn’t call me back, or that horrible mistake I made at work. None of it matters when I can put one foot down in front of the other and finish. I take all of those hurts and disappointments and that is what keeps me going on the run when my body is telling me to stop.

Where to start?


I am still a knitter, cook, student and now a runner. I now have 2 dogs who are the focus of a lot of my spare time. In May I will run my first half marathon. The next May I’ll complete my business degree. Running, working out and trying to have a healthier diet (and still enjoying my beer) have become more of a focus. So, back to trying to blog. Let’s see how that goes.