Blind dates in Buffalo


Dates in Buffalo seem to have two common themes. Beer and sports. Almost 6 years in this town and I have yet to have a bloke take me to a museum, or theatre, or a concert…or just for a walk around.
Last night was a hockey free night so I thought I was safe from at least the sports. I had forgotten about the Alabama – LSU game. Palmtoface. So, after finishing my water and post run Guinness…I wandered off. Took my “date” to the 2 commercial break to notice I was home.
I like sports as much as anyone and I can waste a Saturday or Sunday on the couch watching football, or baseball, or a race. But, if it is a first date and a blind one at that, shouldn’t one try a bit harder than a dive bar in South Buffalo?
My dogs were happy with my early return as I light the fire, put on my jammies, and curled up in a puppy pile to watch whatever caught my eye on Hulu.


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