St. Patrick’s Weekend


This is a big thing in Buffalo.  Huge even.  The corned beef has been flying out of Weggie’s and the beer is freely flowing.  Parade is tomorrow and a Keg’s and Eggs party at a few friends houses. Should prove to be interesting.

I had my annual review at work this week and it was bad.  My boss and I have never had a very great relationship and it appears to have gotten much worse over the last year.  Now that I have had a chance to calm down, I have to admit he is right on a lot of things and I shouldn’t be angry about the things he was wrong about.

I do need to become more organized.  I have let a lot of things slide in the last year or so and this one is HUGE.  It is a fact that I function better with routines.  I need a sort of ritual to keep me in place.  I need to start with some sort of daily schedule and try it out, tweaking it in places were it rubs the wrong way.  I think I will start from home tomorrow on my day off.  Spring is coming and it feels like I should take a step towards rebirth.

This does not mean that I’ll be frittering my time away in the yarn room organizing cleaning playing.

Maybe the luck of the Irish will wear off on me!


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