Random Thoughts & Election Day


At the ungodly hour of 5:55 this morning, I rolled out of bed, pulled on some sweats and walked to my polling station.  Sans coffee.  I know!  I was coherent enough to let the lovely election inspections (who could rattle off and spell some seriously long and convoluted Polish names) who I I was and spell out the 12 letters in my entire name.  The lady in front of me had 16 in her last name alone!  I pulled all my little levers and went home.  Woot!

BTW, who is the canidate running on the platform that says the felines get more of the bed than the 2 humans who are 5’3″ and 6′?  I mean really.  I like snuggling as much as the next gal, but the 2 of us on half of a queen size bed?

I’m hoping the flax seeds in my Stonyfield Farm low fat blueberry yogurt will outweigh the poisen that is a Tim Horton’s Double Double.

Working at Wegman’s is chewing up my hand something fierce.  I hope they toughen up.  That job is too much fun some days.

The Turkey Trot is coming.  3 more weeks.  Guess I might want to think about running again.

I am working on lined mitts for Mom, there was thumb drama, but the answer came to me when I was lying in bed.

Sleep deprivation and time chenges.  Blech!  Although my bathroom is super clean!


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