Tuesday Blahs


Winter is coming.  There I said it.  The warm weather is passing me by and I need to think about getting everything ready for the onslaught of my least favorite season.  Woolies need to be pulled from storage and hung, summer clothes need to be put away, the front half of the house needs to be prepared to be shut down so I don’t have the pain of massive gas bills this winter.  I need to work on scheduling my time a whole heck of a lot better.  There are 71 knitting days between now and Hexmas and not a gift has been made.

I have also started a part-time job at Wegmans which could possibly be compounding my problem.  No more lazy mornings in bed until 7:30 on the weekdays.  I need to be in the office by 7am to make everything work.  I’ll figure it out, I’ve just been in slacker mode for so long this summer that it is hard to get my butt back in gear.


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