Hi There!


I used to have another blog.  Happyfroggyknits.  It was a knitting blog, and people did read it.  But then I moved to Buffalo, a bunch of stuff both bad and good happened and I needed to take a break.  Then a few weeks ago I started to write blog posts in my head and I thought I wanted to have a place to put these things down.  So here we are.

Just as  a warning, there will be woolly content.  I’ve gotten my groove back on that frontier and I do enjoy showing off my handknits.  The cat never seems impressed, so now I’ll inflict this on the internets.

There will also be cooking, neato stuff in Buffalo, home improvement and whatever else flits through my brain that begs to pop into existence.  I am a 30 year old divorcee living alone with my cat in Buffalo, NY.  Things could get a bit strange around here


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  1. Hi Leanne! Glad you’ll be writing again. If you don’t mind, I’m going to add your blog to the list on my own web page, to remind myself to visit you. 🙂

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